Younger Siblings come to Gannon

This weekend might present some of you with unfamiliar faces around campus.
You might see some people and think, “Aren’t they a little young to be in college?”
To that we say, yes, but children are getting smarter and sometimes skip a grade.
OK, joking aside, following the 14th annual Wellness Fair hosted by the rec center is the second semester tradition of little siblings coming to campus. Also known as Little Sibs Weekend.
This is the perfect opportunity to show your siblings the rec center, the new Nash Library and Student Learning Commons and where all of your classes are.
It’s a great opportunity for your siblings to see the place that they might hear their big brother or sister talk about when they come home some weekends or on breaks.
To you it might seem like the place you call home, the place you take classes, hang with friends, work out and walk around every day, but to your little sibling it’s going to be a whole new world.
Think back to when you toured the campus. Now multiply it by 100, and that puts you in range of where their astonishment will be.
The lovely members of APB have organized the annual event and have some great activities that you and your sibling should enjoy.
According to EngageU, Jeff the animal guy will be here at 1 p.m. Saturday in Yehl Ballroom showing you a bunch of cool animals.
There will also be a breakfast and dinner on Saturday. Check EngageU’s website for a full schedule.
We hope you take the time to enjoy the weekend with your siblings, and remember to cherish time with family whenever you can.