Get your wellness on all day Tuesday


The 14th annual Wellness Fair will come to the Recreation and Wellness Center Tuesday and will run the majority of the day.
There will be events covering all aspects of wellness: physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social, environmental and occupational.
After 14 years of operation, it is quickly becoming a staple in the schedule of students and faculty during the latter semester of each year, right before the Relay for Life.
It’s a great opportunity for students to take an inventory of their own wellness. We think it is perfectly timed in the semester because this is the time when classes, extracurriculars and everything else seems to start piling up.
The Wellness Fair allows you to look at each aspect of your personal wellness and also to have a little fun enjoying one of Gannon’s great resources.
There will be lots of food, snacks and raffles going on to accompany you on your wellness journey.
We will even have a station there where we will be raffling something off to a lucky winner, so make sure to stop by and say hello.
Gannon and the rec center put a lot of thought and effort into this event, and ultimately it is designed to serve students, faculty and staff, so we think it’s important as many people as possible attend to support fellow classmates and their university while being proactive about their own wellness.
Unfortunately, we won’t be able to be there the whole day because it is our production day, which sometimes leads to some long nights; however, the wonderful Amy Benkovich has offered to be there for the majority of the day.
So mark your calendars and make it a point to come to the Wellness Fair. Do it for yourself and friends.