Viral poet performs works at Knight Club


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If asked to describe Neil Hilborn in one word, you would hear adjectives such as dark, sarcastic, deep, comedic and almost comforting.
He is an artist only so few people can relate to.
Hilborn is a slam poet who writes and performs his own poetry.
His poems often detail his personal experiences and battles with mental illness and other disorders.
He is best known for his poem “OCD,” which has received 75 million views on YouTube.
On Saturday, Hilborn performed at the Knight Club on Gannon University’s campus.
He performed his original poetry and would stop between poems to interact with the audience.
Hilborn is known for having no boundaries, which was made clear that evening. He was not afraid to swear and get loud with the audience members present.
At one point, he was seen going back and forth fighting with someone about the state of Minnesota.
The argument ended with him swearing at the audience member.
Later that evening, he explained it was only part of his act.
He performed his well-known poems, such as “OCD” and “Joey.”
Hilborn also introduced a new poem that will be in his new upcoming book, “The Future,” which releases April 17.
At a young age, Hilborn became infatuated with creative writing, and later on began to write his own original poetry.
Back then, he did not think it would become such a major part of his life.
As a child, Hilborn was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).
Once he entered college, Hilborn was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
He turned to his poetry to help cope with his mental health.
After graduating from Macalester College with a bachelor’s degree in creative writing, Hilborn began to perform with Button Poetry, a Minnesota-based company that produces and distributes poetry.
Since then, he has been touring and performing his work.
For more information on Hilborn check out his books, “Clatter” and “Our Numbered Days,” and his various social media accounts:
• Twitter: @Neilicorn
• Instagram: @Neilicorn
• Facebook:

[email protected]