Changes should be embraced


This semester will be one of change. And before you think “Oh no, not a ‘new year, new me’ story,” just know that I didn’t come to this conclusion willingly.
The first way this semester will be different is mostly in my personal relationships.
For the first time since my freshman year, I did not start the semester with some of my best friends by my side, and unfortunately this was not a decision made by choice.
Although last year unfortunately took with it some friendships and relationships I never thought I would lose, I am slowly realizing that this is OK, majorly because of new connections I have been able to make in light of these losses.
I have been blessed with new friendships, both on and off Gannon’s campus, and individuals who have supported me, made me laugh and told me their own stories over the past months.
I’m looking forward to embracing these new relationships even more in the coming months.
My second set of changes comes on an academic and career level.
This semester, I’m taking my senior history thesis class, where I’ll be writing a 30-page paper on a topic that lights a fire in me: women’s rights.
Although the thought of taking this challenging class terrifies me, I am confident that I will grow by challenging myself and writing an academic paper of a length I can’t even fully comprehend right now.
In addition to classwork, I have also been actively applying to internships rooted in social justice, public policy and education equity.
Although the two interviews I had over break were grueling, I am thankful that I have been considered for these positions, and I am excited to have an upcoming opportunity to hopefully get involved in these causes.
My passions for the fields of these internships have remained constant, but it’s scary to think that in a few months I will likely be moving to a new city somewhere in the U.S. in order to take the job.
No matter how much anxiety I have about the unknown, I’m determined to allow this move to lead to growth.
All in all, even in the most minute of spaces, change has come for me.
This semester, the Writing & Research Center is moving to our new location on campus, the Learning Commons of the Nash Library.
Although I am keeping many of the same co-workers, it was still sad to move out of the room I have come to call a second home for the past two years.
Let me say, however, that after seeing our new work environment, I could not be more excited to welcome students into our new home this week.
The jump from Palumbo to the Nash Library may have been chaotic, but the amazing things that are to come help ease the bittersweet.
We have physically grown from the change that has occurred, and I am excited to see what the future has in store for us and our students.
Change may be scary, but only if we let it be. Here’s to a new year of adaptation and embracing the unknown that is to come.

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