Support your fellow classmates at Gannon

As the temperature drops, students might not be as likely to leave their dorm rooms and homes unless it’s a blue moon and they’re going to class.
Also, a lot of students don’t like to be bothered after class to leave their room unless it’s to eat, which is fine because we can sympathize with people that enjoy relaxing after a long day of classes, meetings and other extracurriculars.
While we all enjoy a few episodes or hours of Netflix whenever we can fit it into our schedule, we think it’s important to get outside your room and enjoy some of what campus has to offer outside of the hours you’re locked in a desk learning about history of space exploration or genetics.
Attending events on campus, whether it’s an APB sponsored event, a sporting event or a lecture, helps you learn and socialize with other students and faculty.
There’s great power in socialization in a world that is highly digitalized and where social media has replaced picking up the phone and calling someone to keep in touch. Going out and meeting people has almost become a thing of the past.
A lot of the memories made in college are outside the classroom when you connect with professors during office hours, stay up late with a group studying for a big exam or hanging out in the cafeteria binge-eating ice cream.
There’s many benefits to getting outside your room and doing something, either with friends or with the intent to making new friends.
As the semester winds down, don’t miss out on the winter sports going on like men’s and women’s basketball, wrestling and swimming and diving.
Also, make sure to see the Schuster Theatre’s production of “A Doll’s House” which opens Thursday at 8 p.m.