Be advised

For some, Advising Day is a new concept, and for others it’s an appreciated “Gannon Holiday.”
What most students enjoy is “Advising Day Eve.” If you don’t know, look it up on Urban Dictionary.
Basically, students use the night before advising day to be “social” with friends because typically, their only commitment the next day is a 30-minute conversation with their adviser.
While it’s OK to hang out with friends the night before advising day, try to be responsible.
Unfortunately, Gannon does not offer any programs to entertain students on Advising Day Eve, but it would be beneficial if it did.
For example, the university could use the Knight Club to host a karaoke night or serve some type of food. “Advising Day Eve and Apple Pies” — it’s a start.
We know in the past some organizartions, such as the Honors Program, have offered programs to sit and talk with students from other classes and figure out next semester’s schedule.
That’s a great program; it’s social and you get inside information on teachers and classes.
Resident Assistants in your building might be hosting a program, so you could always attend that for a while in the evening.
The important thing to remember to do is prepare for your meeting with your adviser the next day. The idea of work before play comes into light in this situation.
In the grand scheme of a day, 30 minutes is not a long time. Most advisers would appreciate their advisees coming in with a plan for next semester so that they have something to work from.
Taking the time now to plan for the future is a good skill to learn to alleviate future stress.
Do yourself a favor, plan ahead, show up to your meeting on time and have fun, but be smart and safe.