It’s finally fall and this editor is enjoying it


It is finally fall in Erie, and I am glad to say that I feel as though I am in my prime as of right now.
I always seem to feel my best once summer is officially over and the holidays are right around the corner.
Fall to me feels like the calm before the storm of Christmas shopping and finals stress. It is like a small period of peace before life starts up again.
Fall has been my favorite season for as long as I can remember.
It has my ideal weather. It is no longer unbearably hot, but it is not yet freezing and snowing.
I also think that fall is the most aesthetically pleasing season of them all. People are starting to decorate their homes for Halloween with pumpkins and string lights.
Everyone is breaking out their oversized sweaters and hats. Everything is just so much prettier in the fall.
I cannot even tell you how many times I have said the words, “It finally smells like fall,” in the last few days.
People think I’m crazy when I say it, but I know that the fall smell is a real thing. The air just smells crisper and it’s as if you can just sense the change of seasons.
One of the best parts of fall for me is fall break. Fall break is the first long break of the semester, so I always feel like I look forward to this break more than many of the others.
For me, fall break happens at a perfect time. After working hard for many weeks, this break gives me an opportunity to do some much needed relaxing.
It also gives me a chance to catch up, or even get ahead, on work for the rest of the semester.
Every year during this time, I get to look forward to spending time with family. I get the opportunity to attend an event at Conneaut Lake Park called Pumpkin Fest.
I have been attending Pumpkin Fest since I was born, so still being able to go and enjoy the festivities with my family means a lot to me.
The creepy atmosphere and Halloween activities are something I have been drawn to ever since I was very young, so I really enjoy being able to participate in the things I enjoy while still getting to spend time with loved ones.
This time also gives me a chance to catch up on the lives of my younger siblings, whom I do not get to talk to as often as I would like.
Overall, this break is much needed by nearly everyone on campus, but I especially look forward to it when it comes around every year.
Fall gives me a lot to look forward to, so it makes sense as to why it is still my favorite season.

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