Student juggles senior year


“If you dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney.
The funny thing about this quote is that Walt Disney didn’t even say it. It was coined by some dude working the Horizons ride in Epcot in the ‘80s.
Ever since that day the world has widely attribute the quote to Mr. Disney himself.
Now it is used in dialogue and ride attraction graphics and any number of other applications for inspirational quotes around the world.
All I know is that I sure hope that it holds true. If there is one thing that I did not dream about going into my senior year, it was having to take 18 credits with an 8 a.m. every day while working 30 hours a week outside of classes.
I know that a lot of people have it a lot worse, but man was I hoping for a bit of an easier schedule for (hopefully) my final lap around Gannon University. You might be saying, “Jordan, I thought you said you did not dream about a full schedule, so how could this quote even apply?”
And there is a very simple answer to that very valid point; it is all that I have been thinking and dreaming about since I decided to take on these additional responsibilities.
All my woes this year stem from my inability to say no. When a professor asked me if I was interested in adding the brand-new economics minor I said yes, not realizing that I was declaring this minor without exactly looking at what the additional course load would be.
And when another contact asked me if it would be OK if they shared my contact information with a local company about an internship possibility, you had better believe that I said yes.
Now, you certainly won’t hear me complaining about how blessed I am to have professors who care about my professional and educational development (outside of this column of course) but I really wish I would have thought about what I was getting myself into before jumping into it blind.
At small universities like Gannon they love to tell you about all the positives like small class sizes, one-on-one time with professors and close relationships with the other students in your major. However, they do tend to leave out one drawback.
When you are in a major with only six other students, all the classes you need to take in order to graduate are not always offered at the opportune time.
My mom keeps telling me that my grades and productivity will be at an all-time high because of my “soon-to-be finely-tuned time management skills.”
While she has not led me astray yet and her words certainly put me at ease, I still wish my senior year could have been slightly more like it is in the movies.
I sure hope Walt Disney’s (Tom Fitzgerald’s) quote applies to nightmares. Because I have been doing a whole lot of dreaming and there is a whole lot more doing that is going to be coming up.
“If you dream it, you can do it”- Tom Fitzgerald
“I sure hope so” – Jordan Fuller

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