Knights GIVE back

In addition to giving the Gannon community 24 issues a year, The Gannon Knight staff will also be giving back to the Erie community Saturday.

Two people on the Knight staff will be participating in the annual GIVE Day with Gannon University.

Arts & Leisure editor Olivia Burger will be giving her time with Tri Beta National Biological Honor Society. They will help with an Intercoastal Cleanup Project at McDannel Run.

Kate Robb, The Knight’s copy editor, will be volunteering with Alpha Sigma Tau. She will either help at the Urban Erie Community Development Corporation or with the Housing and Neighborhood Development Service (HANDS).

GIVE Day is a staple in Gannon’s culture and all students should participate in it at least once during their time here.

Almost every organization has, or can have, a team put together to go out and serve the Erie community.

Whether it’s cleaning up Presque Isle, fixing up the parks or planting trees, it all helps make this city that much better to live and go to school in.

For first-year students looking for a group, ask your RA. They’ll either be leading a group with your floor or can help you get in touch with a group that needs some extra help.

You might be thinking, “But I have to get up so early…”

Well that may be true, but it’s good to help others. Also, you can get a head start on your day, do service, go to the rec, do some work, check out some athletic events and then enjoy the rest of your evening.

Sundays are meant for sleeping so you can catch up on your sleep then.

You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to help others, join in on a Gannon tradition and build relationships with others too.