Mixed emotions heading back to Gannon


This school year was something I have been nervous about for months. I am not sure if it is because my junior year of high school was by far the worst year of my life, so I have convinced myself that my junior year of college will be the same, or if it is because I turned 20 this year.

Either way, I was dreading coming back to Gannon all summer.

This year is extremely intimidating for a handful of reasons.

For one, this is the first year I will be working on top of my normal course load. I have also taken on a new role at The Knight, so adjusting to that has already proven to be a huge challenge.

My time management skills have never been anywhere near perfect, so this year will be a learning experience.

This is something that I am extremely nervous for, and I am absolutely terrified that I will not be able to handle all of my new responsibilities that all mean so much to me.

Stress is not something I have ever handled very well.

One of my worst traits is how I tend to completely shut down if I get too stressed with what is going on around me.

This year will really push me to finally bring that to an end. I will need to figure out a way to handle my busy days in a way that will not make me stress out so much that I give up.

I am excited to take on these new challenges though. I am looking forward to finally having a job that I enjoy and starting to save money so I can begin my independent life.

I am also looking forward to learning a lot from my new position at the paper. I have been working my way up to this position since my freshman year.

The Knight gives me a way to express myself through work that I enjoy doing, no matter how stressful it can be at times. I also appreciate how this position is showing me what I can do in the future.

Lastly, I am excited to get back into the swing of school work. It may be hard to believe, but I really enjoy my courses at Gannon, and all of the new things I get to learn each day.

Although I am nervous for this year, I am still grateful to be back at Gannon.

This school has taught me many things that I do not think I would have come to know otherwise. It has also introduced me to many incredible friends throughout my three years here.

I would not want to be stressed out of my mind at any other school.


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