Gannon Knight, thank you


Four years ago, I stepped into The Gannon Knight office on Seventh and Peach streets, and tried my best not to look intimidated. I never imagined myself taking the byline of editor-in-chief my senior year, and I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the people who put me on the right path.
There are so many of you that I know 500 words is not enough space to express my gratitude, but bear with me.
To my advisers, Dawna Mughal and Berwyn Moore, thank you. I wouldn’t have been able to make the switch to English without your cooperation and willingness to substitute 80 percent of my classes. To my professors, thank you for your guidance, especially Carol Hayes, who became part of my family away from home.
To my parents, thank you. Thank you for always picking up the phone and mailing me ink toner, helping with financial logistics and remaining patient with my ever-maddening life plans, like that wedding scheduled for June.
Thank you, Holly and Taylor – and Alexa and Mackenzie – for being my roommates and listening to every rant and rave my stubborn heart dreamed up. Holly, thanks for all the trips to Aldi and keeping the competition alive when you tried to out-coupon me. Taylor, thank you for your easygoing demeanor and study playlist.
To my co-workers at the Writing and Research Center, thank you. I didn’t think it was possible to receive advice on master’s degrees, the Marine Corps, dance routines and adult beverages all in the same place, but you proved me wrong.
Thank you, friends new and old. Thank you for laughing at my horrible jokes and being supportive of my endeavors, like becoming a “military wife” and finishing undergrad.
Gannon Knight, thank you. It has been an honor to supervise the staff this year. Ellise showed me how to be a soul sister. Harlee taught me sometimes you have to wait for the best jokes. Lydia, you taught me there is room for two Catholic scholars in the office.
Kyle, you taught me that the world — and the people in it — doesn’t owe me anything. And most of us don’t owe the world anything, either. Olivia, you showed me how important confidence is. I learned to laugh at myself from Brandon.
Sam, where do I start? I admire you as a friend AND colleague and I wish you the best wherever you end up. You taught me about real feminism and sisterhood, besides how to get through a two-hour class. We’ll toast to our promotions or Pulitzer Prizes — whichever comes first — with Long Islands, I promise.
But it’s The Knight’s faculty adviser, Frank Garland, who brought me to the office in the first place. Thank you for encouraging me to write, from my first composition assignment to the election story in this issue. And thank you for serving as an editor, mentor, counselor and friend. As much as we all groan reading your three-page critiques, those critiques made me a better writer and person.
To my fiancé, thank you, Jason. You helped me persevere through thesis and every other storm of senior year. And 24 issues after our engagement, I am looking forward to our wedding now more than ever. I can’t wait to spend a lifetime with you. Thank you, everyone.

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