Digital kiosks come to campus

Back in the good old days, the campus maps were a 2-D display with murky, weather-stained images of campus.

“What’s that blob next to Zurn?”

“I think it’s Palumbo — oh wait, it’s bird s—.”

And that’s assuming students actually read the maps when they were on campus.

Now, the Gannon marketing department has revamped the campus maps into interactive kiosk stations.

No, it’s not a touchscreen, but it sure is a better display than the previous stands.

Billy Mays voice: But wait, there’s more — campus organizations can actually submit announcements and advertisements to be displayed on the kiosk.

That’s right, not only does this offer include a streamlined LED setup, it displays your message for a whopping 15 seconds.

There are 5,760 spots available per display per day — between five kiosks at five campus locations, that’s a lot of advertising power.

Also new to Gannon’s marketing department is the online store, where you can request a kiosk announcement among other things.

You can order greeting cards, fact sheets, brochures or handouts all in a friendly online format.

Nevermind that there’s a 3 percent tuition increase for all majors in 2017-2018. Gannon just paid into a $16 million library renovation, but the digital maps and ad-holders are 100 percent necessary, we promise.

In all seriousness, the kiosk program is a great opportunity for campus organizations to reach more people. It just might be more effective to do so with a balanced budget.