March is the worst: I finally understand St. Patrick’s day


Spring technically begins next week but winter is definitely going out with a bang. My hometown of Rochester, N.Y., is currently in a state of emergency because of nor’easter Stella after thousands already lost electricity last weekend due to record-breaking winds.
All kinds of phone and power lines were down in the roads, trees broke through people’s roofs; you name it.
Now, a week later, we’re possibly seeing one of the worst winter storms since I was born, or so they’re saying.
I think I’ve seen worse, but I mean, come on. Not cool Mother Nature.
I guess I thought that if I didn’t think about it too much I’d escape relatively unscathed, psychologically speaking, but I was reminded in a big way of why March is the absolute worst month of the year.
March sucks. It’s the Brussels sprout of months. It’s like waiting in the longest line ever at the DMV on a Saturday when you have plans to cook up some El Monterey frozen burritos and watch “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” with your roommates as soon as you get home.
Everyone’s waiting for the complete awesomeness that is April and yet March just never seems to end.
Is it a coincidence that you can take the first three letters in the name “March,” rearrange them and sprinkle in some other letters and also spell “miserable?” No. Also, “In like a lion, out like a lamb?” Seriously, what does that even mean? I still don’t know.
As an adult, strictly in the legal sense of the word, I at least finally understand St. Patrick’s Day.
I’m not surprised that it’s a big deal in Erie, either. Most people would like to forget that March even happened.
People need to blow off some steam before they go absolutely out of their gourd waiting for spring to arrive. Some people will dress like it’s spring anyways and end the day with a nasty case of frostbite to go along with an embarrassing Snapchat story, but hey, it’s in the spirit of the season.
There’s also the circus that is scheduling for fall semester, where I usually discover that, yet again, successfully registering for every class I need to take in order to graduate on time will be no simple task.
Since I didn’t take any advanced placement courses in high school and therefore didn’t bring in enough credits as a freshman to practically earn a degree right out of the gate like some other students, I’m usually one of the last to register.
Regardless, I know it’s a huge pain in the rear for any student. Good luck everyone. You’ll need it.
I’m also guaranteed to be out of at least $10 every time March rolls around.
The only confident pick I can make filling out my March Madness bracket is that I will, without a doubt, lose miserably.
I guess if you’re really into college basketball, being able to turn on about four different games at any time of the day would be pretty sweet. I am not one of those people.
Anyways, here’s to being halfway through the least-eventful stretch of the year, where we even lose an hour of sleep, which is the real nail in the coffin for some of us.
Go forth and, well, uh, just wait a little longer until April gets here.

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