Campus safety important here

The forecast is looking unusually sunny lately, and while that may mean more daylight to go frolicking – or stumbling – in, it also means it’s great weather for cyclists looking for extra cash.
At least that seemed to be the case Sunday on Seventh and Chestnut streets when an armed man on a bike approached two students and demanded money from them. What do you do in this situation?
Your safety is always more important than your money. Or your belongings. Or your cellphone.
One way to decrease your chances of getting approached by not flaunting your cellphone in plain sight.
When you’re walking across campus, keep your electronics concealed. It’s not worth the risk to make that call or send that text.
You can replace your cellphone, but no one can replace you.
If you do find yourself in a dangerous situation, it’s best to give the perpetrator what he/she wants, and then call for help — especially if there’s a weapon pointed at you.
There are only so many preventative measures you can take when it comes to life.
It’s unpredictable, and desperation can do terrible things to people. You might not be able to save everyone, but you can try to understand where crimes start and how to prevent them.
You can’t live in a bubble. One thing you can do is download the app “Live Safe,” which sends your location to emergency dispatchers. More information about campus safety and preventative tips can be found on Page 1.
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