Positive thinking makes a world of difference for me

Positive thinking makes a world of difference for me


assistant news editor

One of the most difficult things for a lot of college students is keeping a positive attitude through all of the stress that we experience every single day.

As students, it can be hard to see any sort of positivity when you have three exams, four essays and a presentation all in one week, but sometimes all you need to do to get your life back under control is to take a second to reflect on the positive things in life.

I believe that focusing on the negative is one of the worst things we can do for our mental health. It can bring us down and it can also bring down the people around us.

Changing your attitude from negative to positive can make all the difference when it comes to getting through hard or stressful times. It may sound almost impossible, but it works.

Even on the most difficult days, sitting down and figuring out one positive thing that happened to you can help you change your entire mindset.

Even if you are having the worst day, I guarantee you can find one small glimmer of positivity. Once you find it, you can spend some time thinking about that instead of all the other negative things that may be happening around you.

Finding positivity in the little things can change the way you see life tremendously. If you start finding joy in the small moments of positivity, it will soon become easier for you to erase more of the negativity from your everyday life.

I find that trying to be more positive has helped me relieve stress and anxiety that would otherwise leave me completely unmotivated and just downright sad.

Once you can work yourself up to a more positive mindset, you can try to become a positive light in the lives of other people. Everyone has hard days, so it is important that we try to bring positivity into the lives of the people around us in any way that we can.

With all of the negativity in the world at the moment, I think it is crucial that we find little moments of positivity in everything, even if it is difficult. We need to become positive lights to the people who need it the most. I strongly believe that positivity will always overcome negativity in the long run. There will always be a light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how dark your route is right now.

As hard as it is, I think that trying to create a more positive attitude can be beneficial to absolutely everyone.

Even if you do not think it would make a difference, try to reflect on one positive event from your day and then see how it makes you feel afterward.

Learning how to create a more positive attitude about life can be something that changes your entire outlook on everything. It can be your opportunity to brighten up the lives of everyone around you, while also brightening up your own life in the process. Change can be good if you are changing the right things for the right reasons.


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