Dare to speak up, be heard



Sometimes, reading the news can be disheartening, but it’s still important to stay informed.

Perhaps you shared this sentiment Friday, when Donald Trump signed an executive order, informally known as the Muslim ban. It restricts all refugees and citizens of seven nations — Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen — from entering the United States.

Refugees will be denied entry for four months, while refugees from Syria will be banned indefinitely, according to CNN.

Citizens of the seven countries listed will be banned for at least 90 days.

Keith Taylor, Ph.D., Gannon University president, sent an email to students with his own remarks Saturday concerning the order.

“This situation affects us all, but we want to affirm our support for our students and their families who may be impacted by this order,” Taylor said in the email. “To all of our global students and, especially, our Muslim students: We cherish you, we treasure you and we stand with you as sisters and brothers in the Gannon family.”

Taylor said in the email that Gannon is working with its peer institutions and seeking guidance from its government agency contacts to be able to provide the best advice for students, employees and anyone in the Gannon community who may be affected by this order.

The staff at The Gannon Knight would like to extend this invitation from Taylor to all students who feel compelled to speak out on this issue.

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We may be small, but words are power.