Broke? So is everyone else

Studies show the third Monday of January is one of the worst days of the year — you’re most likely to be broke, depressed and lonely.

Emphasis on broke and depressed.

The reality of winter has begun to set in, the UV level in Erie is one or less and temperatures drop as quickly as people’s moods.

Christmas outings and gift-giving have probably taken their toll on your wallet and your worries, making you wonder how you’re going to pay for anything until the saving grace of time entry comes along.

Breathe a little, people. Time entry is Friday and you will find a way to muddle through the muddy weather and empty wallet.

It’s true. There’s nothing wrong with feeling anxious about surviving what might be the longest month of the year.

Did you know January has five Mondays? That’s five more reasons to feel like crap, as if lack of money and sunlight weren’t enough.

Look at it this way, there is only one more week of this insufferable month left.

There’s no promises February will be better, what with Singles Awareness Day and no Leap Year.

But hey, we’ll be a month closer to summer vacation. And spring is even closer than that, although spring is more principle than fact in Erie.

The point is, even if you feel like you’ll never make it through this week, there’s plenty of other people who feel the same way.

And all of you will make it through the first month of 2017, even though it might seem impossible now.

It’s science. And if that’s no consolation, just blame capitalism — or Christmas. Just don’t let the Winter blues turn you into the Grinch.