Clean up your act, avoid theft

Reports of stolen property on campus cropped up Friday in an email addressed to Gannon University students.

The email informed students things had been stolen from Palumbo Academic Center.

The email reminded students the new semester is an “opportune time for thieves to blend in with returning students and strike.”

It also reminded students not to leave valuable or important items in plain sight, especially cell phones and laptops.

If you feel safe enough on campus to leave your stuff out, that’s great. People looking to make extra money selling your stuff think so, too.

Even if no one in the Power Room looks “suspicious,” they might jump at the chance to take the unattended phone on your table while you’re in the can.

The irony of the situation remains — even if you are victim of an aspiring burglar, you won’t be able to call the police with a stolen phone.

Best to keep those handy little devices on your person if you can.

Kendra Walker, a sophomore finance and accounting major, was one of the students whose phone was stolen. Campus Police and Safety told Walker five other phones were reported stolen as of Tuesday.

She emphasized keeping an eye on your belongings, no matter where you are.

A word about backpacks, too: it doesn’t matter if all your text books were 50 cents on Amazon, there’s no reason to leave it unattended either.

It’s just bad business. Think about what goes into your backpack- notes, books, snacks — maybe even your keys and Gannon ID.