Finals: Not the end of world


While the staggering students might look like something from “The Walking Dead,” finals week is not the zombie apocalypse.

It’s not the end of the world, folks.

Life goes on, even if you don’t get the grades you anticipated.

Even if it feels like you’ll never make it back from that one bad grade, trust us, you will.

We at The Gannon Knight wish you the best of luck with your finals — whether they are in liberal arts or biology.

While you’re out there studying, just tell yourself you’re on the home stretch.

Gannon University even offers some programs this coming week to keep students fueled and focused: like Sunday’s Mid-Knight campus breakfast, Midnight madness, and stress-relieving activities sponsored by campus organizations.

The Mid-Knight pancake breakfast will be held in the Beyer Hall cafeteria from 9:30 p.m.-midnight. Gannon faculty and staff will serve students pancakes, cheese steaks and milkshakes in preparation for finals week.

Midnight Madness, sponsored by SGA, will offer Jimmy John’s sandwiches to students from 7-9 p.m. Monday in the second floor of Beyer Hall.

If you’re looking for study space off campus, the Blasco library has three floors of space at the Erie Bayfront. Another option is space at the First Presbyterian Church of the Covenant on 250 W. Seventh St.

Besides providing quiet study space for students, the church offers free snacks and prayer sessions starting from 9 p.m.-9 a.m. Thursday through Dec. 14.