Never stop being thankful

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Gannon University put together a #GUThankful campaign that aired on TV and featured students on a billboard near the Millcreek Mall.

The campaign showcased testaments of what made students thankful to attend Gannon as part of their higher education.

Three of these students are none other than The Gannon Knight’s very own Samantha Griswold, Olivia Burger and Ellise Chase.

Griswold talks about how Gannon helped her pursue her passion for journalism.

Burger offers her thoughts on her work in the accelerated pre-optometry program she is enrolled in. She also mentions the scholarships that helped her choose to come to Gannon.

Chase talks about her gratitude for Gannon’s faculty, who bring real-world experience into the classroom.

On behalf of The Gannon Knight staff, we are thankful for our readers — in print and online. We are especially thankful for the students who sacrifice their Tuesday nights each week to make it happen.

The campus newspaper may only be 16 pages, but the staff members spend well over 16 hours on interviews, writing copy, laying out the pages and ruthlessly editing content every week.

The holidays can be a stressful time, and final exams don’t make things any easier.

We at The Gannon Knight encourage you to take a moment to breathe and remind yourself what you are thankful for — and watch for our staff members in Gannon’s commercial.

Thank you, reader, wherever you are.