Hell has frozen over


The 2016 World Series has already proven to be a whirlwind before it’s even started.
The Indians and the Cubs? That alone will turn heads. However, as someone from Cleveland and also a baseball fan, it’s pretty awesome.
I’m not going to jinx either team and give my thoughts on who I predict will win so don’t ask.
Whatever the outcome, no one can say that it wasn’t an interesting series from the start.
As everyone is saying the drought is over, but the Indians do have one secret weapon: goats.
The curse of the billy goat, to be precise. Long story short, Wrigley Field doesn’t allow goats in the ballpark and it’s cost the team a shot at the World Series ever since.
I apologize that it’s a shorter column, but I can’t jinx anyone. I haven’t watched one playoff game for the Tribe because they’ve been winning, so obviously I can’t watch.
But, I wish the teams good luck, and enjoy making history.

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