Back to campus, back to reality

We at The Gannon Knight hope you had a relaxing break.

If you were not able to catch up on z’s, maybe you caught up on schoolwork — which is perfectly valid. Maybe you took four days to vegetate and do nothing, which is also valid.

As we’ve heard one too many times before, all good things must come to an end, and so it is with fall break.

If it took you a couple of days acting like a chicken with its head removed to adjust to the schedule of classes again, don’t worry. It’s normal.

Just remember you will need to keep your energy going to reach the end of the semester — and the mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving.

While you can’t take the week off, some ways to get back into the swing of things might be as close as your calendar.

Check your syllabus for due dates of final projects and final exam times now.

December might seem like a century away, but by the time you finish your bag of discount Halloween candy, it will be time to study for finals.

How do you start studying for finals halfway through the semester? Easy. Check your grades first.

Most professors are required to update students on their midterm grades, which you can access on Blackboard.

From there, you can figure out how you’re doing in class and whether you want to stick with a C or shoot for a B in your hardest classes.

As for the studying, keep up with your reports and deadlines as they approach, and set aside time to review after those grueling chemistry tests.

It might help you out in the long run.