My ‘boohoo’ but busy weekend


A combination of rainy weather and a lack of ambition had me spending a majority of my weekend locked in my apartment.

I guess they call it dreary Erie for a reason and while it certainly contributed, the weather wasn’t the only dreary part of my sad excuse of a weekend.

While I should’ve probably been participating in all of Gannon’s Homecoming festivities, I succeeded in only leaving my apartment a total of three times and watched a whole season of “The Office.” What excitement.

It’s my own fault that I didn’t make more of an effort to be a part of the Homecoming festivities and there were plenty of chances for me to go do something fun.

I thought about going to the parade but I didn’t really feel like getting up early and bracing the confusing weather. The same train of thought applied to the football game.

In all honesty I would’ve liked to have gone to the Homecoming Dance, but like a sad little junior high pre-teen, I had no date or friend group to go with.

Originally I planned to go to Midknight pancakes at the Knight Club Saturday night, but after completing four hours of homework I decided that I would probably be the only sober person there and I didn’t really feel like dealing with hungry drunk college students eating pancakes at midnight.

Last year I made an effort to go to the football game and I watched the parade from my room on the fourth floor of North Hall.

Maybe it was just my eager freshman excitement that made Homecoming last year enjoyable, but this year I had no school spirit whatsoever.

I spent most of Sunday regretting my “boo-hoo” Homecoming attitude while scrolling through about 30 photos on Instagram of cute girls in their sassy cocktail dresses and wishing I was one of them.

I guess my Homecoming weekend, or lack thereof, is just a perfect example of how most of my weekends on campus go.

Taking 18 credits spread over eight classes and trying to be involved in a number of campus clubs takes a toll on my sleep schedule, stress level and overall health, so I spend my weekends playing catch-up in an attempt to keep my sanity.

I’d love to be able to have fun all weekend long but for me and for this semester, I know that’s not a reality.

My living situation this year also isn’t helping me to be a social butterfly.

Living in Kenilworth is nice because I have my own room and I can focus easily and get a lot of work done. It also is a problem because I don’t really spend a lot of time with my friends who live closer to main campus.

Although it’s only a few blocks, I feel disconnected living farther away and I feel like my residence hall lacks a sense of community.

Even though school started over a month ago, I’m still trying to find my semester groove. Hopefully I’ll find it, and some school spirit, before the semester ends. Knowing me though, I’ll probably get my life together after finals are finished. Or not. Who knows.

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