Family Weekend opens on Friday

Family Weekend  opens on Friday

This weekend, Gannon University students are invited to bring their families and siblings on campus for a complete weekend itinerary of events, food and fun.
Even if you’re not signed up to participate, be courteous of the younger population visiting campus for the weekend.
Family Weekend lets homesick students visit with their family members and is an opportunity for siblings of students to see what the university is all about.
It’s a blessing in disguise. Kids who follow their big brothers or sisters around for the day might make memories of their first college visit, and not be so intimidated when it comes time to apply for schools themselves.
Having seen and experienced a college campus before they get to high school will give them a sense of confidence navigating college later in life.
Family members who participate will also have the chance to take in some neat opportunities, like an open house at the Recreation and Wellness Center Saturday.
Some of the events this year include karaoke, two screenings of “Zootopia,” brunch with Gannon University President Keith Taylor, Ph.D., and a trip to the pumpkin patch at Port Farms in Waterford.
Students with siblings participating don’t have to go to all the events to have fun, though. You’re only a short walk from the Bayfront and catching new Pokemon on your smart phone, and your family would probably love to try a chicken tender melt from Doc’s Landing.
You can watch the women’s volleyball team Saturday for free, or take in the singers at the Knight Club 8 p.m. Saturday.
However you spend Gannon’s Family Weekend, we hope you will be forgiving of the PG crowd on campus.