One cannot live by pizza alone


One great thing about college is all the free food. You can literally plan your schedule around which clubs will offer you dinner and what events will bring dessert without spending a dime.
You learn all kinds of lessons in college — how to live on a budget, how to manage your time, how to tolerate people difficult to work with and how to find free food.
One of the things you might discover is “free food” is a big incentive in clubs trying to get new members, which is important for upperclassmen to remember, too.
Want more people in your group? Order a pizza and tell people to invite their friends.
Is it the pizza or are students truly interested? Maybe a little of both.
At least for college students on a budget, it’s a great way to eat, if you’re open to socializing for extended periods of time or listening to long presentations.
What if you’re not interested in doing that? Sure, there are meal plans, but the main line of the cafeteria can become mundane after a while.
And, in all seriousness, you can’t really live off free pizza and cookies. At least not without some potentially negative health effects.
What to do, then? Pool together with some of your friends and plan to cook. Or plan to take over the dorm kitchen for a night.
Sometimes just making yourself a grilled cheese is more rewarding than waiting in line for it.
If your friends agree to help, you can split the cost of ingredients or have a pot-luck get together like your grandma’s book club does every month.
Sure it sounds like an activity out of the realm of acceptable socialization for 20-somethings, but you’ll be saving money. Plus, trying something different never hurt anyone.
It won’t kill you to take a break from campus eateries and your favorite pizza delivery places.