It’s that time of year again: Graduation


Another school year is coming to an end and another graduating class is preparing to move on to the next stage of their lives.
They entered Gannon as scared, nervous freshmen and some are leaving as scared, nervous seniors – but for different reasons.
Whether it is the fear of not finding a job or the sudden realization that school debt needs to start being paid back – the seniors are facing the fear of not being prepared.
Freshman year you were scared to leave home for the first time, or of not being able to make any friends. But in senior year, you fear being not prepared enough to leave the safe walls of Gannon or are scared that you’ll have to move back in with your parents.
There will no longer be the safe environment where learning is the fundamental goal – so you will have to prove yourself.
Visit the Student Success Center and get help with your resume so you can get a job and do just that.
Talk to financial aid and ask for assistance on how to pay back student loans.
Learn how to adult by asking for help. You will never make it in the real world if you think you already know everything and you are too scared to ask for help.
Asking for help and trying to learn new things is not an inferior action – it shows that you are willing to learn more even if you should already know it.
That is one thing future employers will appreciate more than someone who is straight out of college who thinks they know the answer to every question in the world.
You have been a student for the majority of your life, and you have leadership and learning skills that others may not have. Utilize that.
Don’t be scared to graduate and don’t think you aren’t prepared because you actually know more than you think you do. You just need to learn how to apply it.