Put the jokes aside, vote with knowledge


With the upcoming Pennsylvania Primaries on Tuesday, Erie had visits from two of the presidential candidates and a representative of a third.
Republican candidate Ted Cruz and Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, as well as Hillary Clinton’s husband and former President Bill Clinton all made their way to Erie.
Having these rallies for the potential future leader of America close to college campuses act as an important reminder to students – vote with knowledge.
Not only is attending one of these rallies a rare occurrence in life, it is an educational opportunity to learn about what each candidate is saying.
We have all seen the Facebook posts or the Tweets on Twitter that highlight certain factors of the rallies. But, that isn’t enough to base your decision on.
Registering to vote has come and gone, but for those who have registered, we encourage you to take advantage of these rallies and educate yourself with more than just what social media has to say.
It is an important time in American history, as it is for any country that is going through an election. Being a part of the electoral process is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted and should be used to its fullest potential.
There are countries that have no say in who leads them and there are still countries where women are not allowed to vote.
You have the opportunity to be a part of the changing of leadership within your country (if this is your country) and it should be taken seriously.
Take the time to attend the rallies and hear for yourself what the candidates are saying.
As hilarious as the childish videos on Facebook and Twitter of the candidates are, you are going to have to choose one that will lead your country.
So educate yourself and choose the right one. All jokes aside, this is an important decision.