What would I do without my little sister?

What would I do without my little sister?

In case you weren’t aware, from the numerous Facebook posts and throwback Instagram pictures, this past Sunday happened to be National Siblings Day.

I’m fortunate enough to be the big sister of the family.

I have a “little” sis who happens to look, and act, more mature than I do in some cases.

Having a sister is something that I honestly didn’t really appreciate that much until I came to college.

In my first two weeks or so of being at school I of course got the nostalgic feeling of missing my mom and dad. This didn’t really surprise me though, because I figured I’d miss them as any college student does at some point.

What did surprise me was the feeling of missing my sister. I thought I would LOVE being away from her.

There would be no more times I was late to school, no fighting over who ate whose leftovers and no sharing a bathroom with someone who owns and refuses to get rid of hundreds of Bath & Body Works products.

Oh, and of course there would be no more fighting over stolen clothing from my closet – or so I thought.

Don’t get me wrong, not having to deal with any of these things is amazing, but it doesn’t really make up for the feeling I get of missing my “mini-me” sister.

For starters, I don’t have anyone who fully understands my obsession with my favorite singer. I always feel like I have to play my music a little quieter or sing a little softer because my roommates, while amazing, don’t fully appreciate my favorite artist.

I also miss having someone to impress with my awesome singing skills and dorky dance moves when I get a random burst of energy.

I can always count on my sister to either get very annoyed with my energetic outbursts, or turn to her cell phone to put the whole thing on Snapchat. Either way, it’s an audience that works for me.

I also miss my sister when I find something I think is hilarious and want to share with the one person I know who has the exact same sense of humor as I have.

Sometimes it baffles me how not everyone finds Vine as funny as I do, and not everyone appreciates a good ugly Snapchat of my double chin, but I know I can always count on my sister to laugh along with me or send an even uglier selfie back.

Although I live with four other girls and I have a lot of girlfriends on campus, nothing really replaces the connection I share with my actual sister.

It’s something that’s really hard to put into words because there’s no one I hate or love more than my baby sis.

Who else would I beat up for taking my clothes, stealing my Victoria Secret Reward Card and eating the last piece of cake while I was at work?

And who else would I defend from snobbish girls, mean boys and our sometimes crazy family?

Even though she ran my car into our garage and posted about it before telling me, I still appreciate my Lana-loving, professional eyeliner applying, soulful singing, sister.

There’s nothing that compares to the true experience of sisterhood and I’m very glad a have a sister worth missing while I’m away.


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