America’s pastime is back in town


As with all seasons, they come and go, only to do it again a year later. Some people look forward to fall or the upcoming summer. If you’re from Ohio you look forward to the end of road construction season.
The season I’ve looked forward to since I was a youngin’ is and always will be baseball season. It’s a time when skies get bluer, skin gets warmer and the demand for hot dogs goes off the charts.
As the season opened Sunday, we saw that baseball doesn’t always have those utopian-style beginnings. For northern teams, fans piled into the stadiums clad in attire suitable for winter.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go to any opening day games although I dream of going to one for the Phillies. Before you say anything, I know they have had some rough seasons since ’08 but I’m still rooting for them. Despite losing the first game 2-1, they kept it close and I think it’ll be a positive year for the team.
Among the other league favorites that opened the season Sunday were the Pirates with a 4-1 win, the Mets with a 4-3 loss and the Blue Jays, from the great white north, posted a 5-3 win.
Another popular team close to home is the Cleveland Indians, whose home/season opener slated for Monday against the Red Sox was postponed due to weather.
Let’s not forget about the team right here in our backyard, the Detroit Tigers AA affiliate, the Erie SeaWolves. People might think minor league ball wouldn’t be as fun to watch but it’s competitive and I think a lot of it has to do with the number on the paycheck. The players don’t make much and they are chasing a big dream so you best believe they’re going once they step onto the diamond.
Back home I attend more minor league games than major league. Part of the reason is convenience and the other part is because it’s fun to watch. The stadiums are smaller and not as hectic so it is easier to relax and watch a good game. My dad and I love it.
I just hope Mother Nature brings some sunshine for America’s pastime, my favorite sport and the game that’s been bringing people together in the stands and on the field for well over 100 years.

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