Spring break on a beach? More like Netflix and a new haircut

Spring break on a beach? More  like Netflix and a new haircut

When most college students think of their spring break, they probably envision a vacation getaway with their closest friends, full of partying and adventurous fun.
What most college students come to find out is that their spring break break actually includes binge watching Netflix series and rarely leaving your beloved home bed. That was the reality for me anyway.
Maybe the spring break party scene is just a bad stereotype that I assumed was true, seeing as how there are some spring break trips for sports teams, faith retreats and service projects.
It still is shocking, though, to see the number of students who are able to afford fun spring break trips with their friends.
I feel guilty enough buying the mac and cheese cups instead of the boxes, so I can’t really imagine how I would feel if I dropped hundreds of dollars on a spring break trip.
Maybe the students who go are better at saving money than I am, or just found a really great deal. Either way, it doesn’t really matter because the students on trips and the students at home hopefully spent a majority of their spring break doing the same thing: relaxing.
Aside from completing a lab report and studying for a couple of exams, my break was full of relaxation.
I finished four seasons of “The Office,” caught up on some sleep and spent a majority of the weekdays talking to my golden retriever as if he were a real person. What could be more relaxing than that?
What I may consider relaxing may be considered lame to others, and at times, felt quite lame to me too.
After seeing 10 different tropical sunset pictures and about 20 bikini Instagram pictures of my classmates on some sunny beach, I was starting to feel rather lame and I regretted my very unproductive relaxation time.
So I did what any other common white girl would do in a state of depression and I chopped off eight inches of my hair.
Girls cut off their hair when they’ve gone through some sort of traumatic event, depressing realization, or they simply just need a little something-something to make them feel like a queen again.
For me, it was a little of all three. So I chopped off my dead ends and sported a new hairdo and suddenly my spring break was a little less lame.
I spent the rest of my break visiting with my boyfriend, friends and family, which again, seems rather loser-like, but it was just what I needed.
Being at school is busy, stressful and downright sad sometimes when you’re overwhelmed with responsibilities and work.
Being able to surround myself over break with the people who support and know me best really gives me the motivation to go back to school and keep doing the best I can, as corny as that sounds.
So yeah, the highlight of my spring break may have been a haircut, and the only tan I got may have been from my laptop screen, but I think that a simple spring break spent at home is something that really is irreplaceable.

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