Lack of Black History month celebration


As we were discussing story ideas for this issue, covering a Gannon event for Black History month was thrown on the table.
February is a month dedicated to celebrating Black History, so we were all under the impression that Gannon would be celebrating.
However, to our surprise, there are no Black History month events happening on campus.
We checked the events page, Newsworthy, EngageU and nothing showed up. There were no fliers around campus and no talk of any events to celebrate Black History month.
This concerned us. It raises the questions as to why this month is not being celebrated the way it should.
Gannon is a diverse community and should be coming together to celebrate Black History.
Why are we not taking the time to celebrate monumental black leaders from the civil rights movement?
How can we not recognize the public figures who made drastic changes to society?
Gannon should be embracing the ethnically diverse community it is in the center of.
We want to know what you think about this lack of celebration. Someone should have to provide a reason as to why no events are being held.
The month is dedicated to Black History for a reason and the university cannot just do nothing.
There have been events and lectures held in past years; why does this year have none?
Submit a guest column and share your opinion on the lack of celebration. What are some ways Gannon could celebrate Black History month?
There shouldn’t just be one month dedicated to the celebration of Black History, but because there is, something should be done.