Erie: Winter this year? Perhaps


With the lovely weather that we have been experiencing in Erie, The Knight advises you to be extra careful in your travels.
Not just when it comes to traveling in a vehicle, but when you are walking to and from classes. We aren’t sure if you have noticed or not, but there is no longer snow on the ground – there are just massive puddles.
These massive puddles, however, are just waiting for old Jack Frost to visit Erie in, what we are estimating two or three days, to freeze over and become miniature skating rinks.
That seems to be the way Erie likes to do things nowadays. We don’t think it wants to pick a season – Erie has become greedy.
However, when it does decide it enjoys being in the proper season, we need to be prepared. This past weekend, Washington got a dumping of snow that resulted in people being stranded and snowed in – one of our editors being one of them.
Anything can happen in just one night. We saw it a couple days ago when it wouldn’t stop snowing in Erie and voila, a foot of snow dusted the Erie streets. If it would have been anywhere else the town would have been in a stage five lockdown.
Thankfully, we are used to mass amounts of snow gracing us with its presence at unexpected times. The only shocking difference between this year and last is the temperatures.
Nevertheless, it is only January and much is to be expected in the average Erie winter. And if Erie decides it wants winter to be a more consistent occurance – be careful.
Walk slowly, drive slowly and be aware of other people and vehicles around you when out and about this time of year.
Remember: ice and snow means take it slow.