Cleaning is the song that is never ending for some

Cleaning is the song that  is never ending for some

We all have tasks that need to be completed daily; showering, homework, studying and cleaning.
I hate cleaning. It’s never done. There is always something that can be cleaned.
After you finish washing the dishes you decide to eat lunch – now you have another dish to wash.
Oh, you just finished doing laundry? Guess what? The clothes you’re wearing are going to be dirty once you change.
I can’t even figure out how everything even gets so messy. I have had weeks where I was so busy that the only time I spent in my bedroom was to sleep and somehow it gets just as messy as it would have if I spent all of my time in my room.
It’s like every person is destined to have a certain amount of mess, and no matter what efforts are made to stop it from happening – nothing can stop it.
I feel like this could be the plot to a post-apocalyptic movie. Where everyone turns into hoarders and the mess takes over the world. Years later all of the people who are left are forced into little colonies where they all have to organize the mess all day and barely have any food to eat.
Then one day a brave person says something about how instead of just reorganizing the mess, they should just start getting rid of things. This would cause some sort of uprising that eventually wins and they end up getting rid of the mess.
It probably wouldn’t break any box office records, but it would act more as a warning to try to motivate people into getting more organized and to clean up after themselves more often.
Cleaning is the worst because it’s not one thing that has to get done. Cleaning is an umbrella term for a long list of frustrating tasks. All of these tasks are made even more frustrating when you live with other people.
You have to try to figure out who everything belongs to. You could spend days attempting to figure it out.
You go through all of the stuff that has been left on the table during the week, and somehow 90 percent of it actually doesn’t belong to anyone who lives there. You have to wonder if there’s a ghost that lives there or if people break in to just leave their stuff on your table.
Then you realize that you have been doing the same thing, with the same stuff, every week for the past two months so you cave and throw it all out. About two weeks after that you realize that you really needed one of the things you threw out so you start saving everything, which begins the cycle.
Cleaning really is just a vicious, never-ending cycle of frustration that is, sadly, necessary.
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