Steps on how to survive finals


Finals are just around the corner and the Gannon air is thick with stress. Some students, especially the freshmen, may be wondering how on Earth they are going to make it through “hell week.”
The Knight staff is filled with veterans of this overwhelming time and we have some tips for you to help you make it through these last two weeks of the semester alive.
Step one, alternate between what you are studying. If you study one subject for eight hours straight, eventually your brain will become immune to what you’re reading and you will begin to not retain it anymore. You need to change it up and switch between subjects to keep your brain stimulated.
Step two, get some exercise. Go down to the Recreation and Wellness Center and jump on a bike or bring your study notes and get on the walking treadmill. Doing activities to keep the blood pumping will help you focus and keep you awake.
Step three, sleep and eat healthy. Your body will begin to rebel if you do not give it what it needs. It will be much easier to study and retain the information if your body is running at full force. Staying up late to study, eating junk food or skipping meals entirely will make you weak and unable to focus. You must take care of your body.
Finally, get off your phones. Texting or surfing social media every 30 minutes will be of no benefit to you. Put your phone in another room, turn off Netflix and go hard for a couple hours then take a phone break.
Finals week can be either stress-free or mental breakdown city, it all depends on what you do during it.