#GUthankful lacks diversity


The Gannon Knight is #GUthankful for the diversity that is seen across campus. There are students from all over the world who have joined together to create a global community.
We commend Gannon for focusing its efforts on promoting its new campaign #GUthankful, but there were a couple of elements that we noticed that did not support the diverse campus that Gannon is.
When watching the videos for #GUthankful on Gannon’s Facebook page, we noticed that there was an extreme lack of diversity. The first advertisement that we watched had no international diversity and featured only white students.
The next advertisement included two black students, but who were from the United States. There were no students from South Africa, Saudi Arabia, China, Canada, etc., in any of the advertisements the university created.
We understand that the campaign was launched around the Thanksgiving holiday, but just because the U.S. is the only country to celebrate the holiday at this time does not mean the students who create the Gannon community are any less thankful.
What we are thankful for shouldn’t be a topic solely talked about on only one day of the year by only one single country – it is something the entire world should be discussing every single day.
In light of the recent events that have created a worldwide fear, we believe there are many international students who would have been willing to share why they are #GUthankful and they should have been included in the professionally created advertisements for the campaign.