Settle down, it’s Advising Day

Gannon has created its own holiday and it is called Advising Day. To the faculty and staff, it is a day students are advised on their academics and the upcoming semester’s schedule.
But, to the students, it’s the day after Advising Day Eve. No, it is not as religious as Christmas Eve but to some students, it might as well be.
Instead of taking the night to get caught up on school work or actually prepare for the following day’s meeting, students treat the night as an extension of the weekend.
Parties are thrown, beverages of all sorts are consumed and late nights are shared with friends.
What if you made this Advising Day Eve different? Maybe try hanging out with friends in a less “Friday night” sort of way and actually get caught up on school work and plan for your meeting the next day?
Advising Day should not just be thrown away and seen as a day off. Your advisers are dedicating an entire day to help you decide your next semester and attempt to keep you on track for graduation.
The least you can do, is show up prepared and not waste their time. If you finish all your work on the Tuesday during the week, then maybe you’ll have time for more appropriate adventures with your friends on the weekend?
All we are trying to suggest is that you respect your advisers and your education enough to take Advising Day seriously and not waste both the adviser’s time, and your own by showing up in a less than functional state.
Still have fun and enjoy the day off from classes, but be smart and respectful about it. Tuesday is not the end of the week.