Homecoming doesn’t hold past importance


It’s that time of year again; everybody is gearing back up for football season, which only means one thing at the beginning of the fall – Homecoming.

It’s really weird being in college when all the high school students are preparing for their Homecoming dances and football games.

Sure, colleges still have a Homecoming football game and a dance –which was a surprise to me – but it’s definitely not the same as it was in high school.

Where I work, the majority of employees are high school females. For the past few weeks, workplace chatter has consisted of nothing but incessant Homecoming gossip.

“Do you have your dress yet?” “Where are you going to get your makeup done?” “Do you have a date?” “I can’t believe you’re going to the dance with HIM!”

That has been my life at work lately. As much as I love and adore my co-workers like they are my own sisters, it gets old after a while.

Sometimes I forget how much of a difference a few years can make on your priorities.

They’re worried about whether or not their date has the right tie to go with their dress or where they’re going to get their hair and makeup done, but I’m worried about trying to make time to write those multiple-page essays that are due a day apart from one another for the same class.

I used to be one of those girls who got excited about frivolous things – though, admittedly, not as enthusiastically.

I wasn’t a very exuberant teenager and I almost never went to school dances or football games, but Homecoming and prom were the two that I did attend.

Now, I feel like I sometimes don’t spend enough time trying to care about frivolous things. There’s just always something that needs to be done.

Maybe that’s just adulthood (I’m not an adult…am I?) or maybe I’ve piled too much on my plate this semester, but I have had zero time for doing things for the sake of doing them lately.

I keep saying that I’m going to go see the new “Maze Runner,” movie with my sister and go shopping with my mother, but I never actually do them.

This seems to be a recurring theme in my columns this year – take time for yourself.

“Fake it ‘till you make it,” has always been something my mother has told me from an early age.

Maybe if I keep telling myself to take a break every now and again, I’ll actually do it one day.



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