Homecoming and Alumni weekend


It’s the annual Homecoming and Alumni Weekend and we are quickly preparing stories to give you the latest scoop.

However, finding information to develop these stories has been an issue. There isn’t a lot of detail about the Homecoming weekend online.

A lot of the focus is on the Alumni portion of the weekend. An entire itinerary has been developed for the alumni, but nothing of the sort for the Homecoming festivities.

Every year we dedicate an entire page to the candidates running for Homecoming King and Queen. But, the details of where or how to vote are sparse and so is the candidates’ information.

The Alumni Association has a large database in comparison to the small student and faculty community. We think, with this weekend being based around alumni and the students, there should be more of a partnership with the marketing and advertising of this weekend.

Should the alumni and students be doing more events together? What if there was an opportunity for students of particular majors to have a meet and greet with the alumni of that major?

Our alumni could provide priceless advice and guidance to the students. Yes, the two groups are going to be on campus together during the same weekend, and there are a few events held for the alumni that the students can pay to attend, but there should be more and ones that are free.

How can we, as a student-produced newspaper, do more to help bring the two groups together?

We think this could be an opportunity to build a stronger relationship within the Gannon community – past and present – but how do we do it?