Class project creates personal connections


This semester I am taking Anne O’Neill’s Integrated Marketing Campaign Development class. The class is designed to aid local nonprofit organizations in promoting themselves.

For this year, the chosen nonprofit organization is Because You Care, an animal rescue organization that houses the majority of its pets in foster homes.

Because You Care has an adoption center in McKean, Pa., that houses some dogs and cats that are healthy and are no longer in need of the care that is given while in a foster home.

At the adoption center there are two buildings, one for dogs and one for cats. The dog building has an indoor play area and kennels that are larger than the state requires.

The cat building has two separate areas; one for adult cats, and the other for kittens. These felines do not live in cages and are free to run around and interact with each other. This allows for a better chance for each cat’s true personality to show.

When doing research for the project the class had the opportunity to visit the center. I saw some lovely dogs but because they were in kennels I was not able to meet them; which is disappointing for a dog lover like me.

I went into the kitten room after visiting the dogs. This experience was like no other. I walked into the room and was greeted by about 20 to 30 kittens. They were all so excited that there was a group of people ready to play with them. There were times when four kittens would be crawling over my lap and snuggling with me.

There was one kitten that had really attracted my attention – his name was Burke. Burke was only a few months old and was quite tiny and ridiculously feisty. And lucky for Burke he was adopted this weekend.

After playing with the kittens for about an hour we moved into the adult cat area. The adult cats have a sunroom along with two other living spaces.

I walked through to the back room and a cat with half of a tail, named Socks, had run right up to me. Socks had been injured before he had been taken in by Because You Care and had to have a partial amputation of his tail. This injury had no effect on his personality, is as he loved to snuggle.

After I had spent some time petting Socks I had moved to see the sunroom where most of the cats were. I had just started to pet a cat named Ashley when Socks had appeared in my lap. He followed me from the other room and demanded that I give him more attention; I was quite flattered.

When Because You Care was closing for the evening, I had to say goodbye to my new best friend, Socks. It was very sad but I do not have the ability to take care of him. I am sure that with his large personality he will find a home very soon.



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