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Don’t let your story end; it’s worth sharing


Recently there has been a movement in the mental health world called Project Semicolon.  Project Semicolon seeks to provide love and hope for people who are struggling with depression, suicide, addiction and self-injury.

Project Semicolon is intended to be an inspiration to people, and is not able to provide treatment. The movement wants to get people talking about suicide, mental illness and addiction and openly address these issues with love. It hopes for a community that stands together to help individuals to see and embrace and their personal value.

The founder, Amy Bleuel, started the movement after losing her father to suicide. The movement began with people drawing semicolons on their wrists.

Since 2013, Project Semicolon has gained over 100,000 followers on Facebook and has gained an international audience. The semicolon symbolizes a person’s will to go on, rather than to come to an end.

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This symbol was chosen because in literature, authors use a semicolon when they choose to not let a sentence end. In this case, the movement says that the author is the person struggling from any of mental health issues, and the sentence is his or her life.

The followers of the movement have begun to embrace their battle with these issues and have gotten tattoos of a semicolon, mainly on their wrists. The tattoos are now being showcased on social media under #SemicolonProject.

The pictures showcase tattoos that are very simple, just of a semicolon and some beautiful pieces of artwork that cleverly incorporate a semicolon into the design.

I love what this movement is seeking to achieve. Mental health awareness is a very important topic that is often ignored but, just through talking about it and showing those struggling with mental health issues that there is support for them can help so many people.

I personally have loved ones that have struggled or are currently struggling with the issues the movement addresses. I would want any of them to seek help when they need it. This movement makes it easier to talk to them, and to show them that there is always someone to help them.

This movement has also shown people they can accept and embrace that they are going through a difficult time. It allows for a community that is filled with love and support from people who are also struggling with these issues or from people who are close to someone who is struggling.

Having support from people who can relate to the issue will make it more likely that help will be sought out. I know that from my loved ones who have gone through the struggle, any amount of support can help. I believe that the Project Semicolon movement achieves that.



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