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September 22, 2023
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September 22, 2023

TRX workout puts editor through her paces


I am probably the furthest thing from athletic.  My high school cross country team taught me to love running, but that’s about it.  Occasionally, I use that memory to sign up and train for 5K races in Franklin, Pa.  The next one on my list is the Applefest 5K in October.

On Friday, I set out for the Recreation and Wellness Center with one of my roommates to get some jogging in.

She wanted to stay for two hours and I figured we would cut that time in half.  We didn’t.  We did some jogging, made a crude attempt at racquetball and then decided to finish up with some light weight training.

My roommate Mackenzie wanted to grab a medicine ball and instead was approached by a class instructor for TRX.

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I noticed five or six girls doing lunges and pushups with their arms suspended by harness-looking straps.  It was intimidating.

The next thing I knew, we were grabbing these straps and joining the class.

We picked a spot, but it was the last thing I pictured when Mackenzie said “weights.”  We used weights, all right.

TRX uses your body weight as resistance so you can work on your core muscles, thigh dependence and abdominals.

The class was arranged in a circle around a caged tower holding medicine balls and 10 sets of straps.  The straps have handles you could hold onto or hook your feet in to work on different muscle groups.

The instructor, Landon, was either a PT student or a TRX enthusiast because he knew what he was talking about.  Landon was helpful in correcting my form during squats and everything else we tried.

He asked me if I did squats when we started out.  When I told him no, and he said it was a good thing.

Apparently my weak frame was threatening my squat game.  I’ve never done a proper squat in my life until Friday.

One of the great things about the RWC is that you can spontaneously walk into a class and they won’t turn you away.  I recommend finding one you’re actually willing to try beforehand, however.

Mackenzie and I did TRX until we were out of breath and sore.  We walked back to our apartment while I audibly complained about the state of my shoulder muscles.  The least we could do was reward ourselves with Stevo’s buffalo chicken pizza and some chick flicks: “Legally Blonde” and “Pride and Prejudice.”

We don’t discriminate when it comes to genres.  It was only the second time I watched “Legally Blonde,” but I noticed how Elle Woods has a way of connecting with characters that a stereotypical sorority sister would not associate with.  She’s likeable while playing the role of someone not expected to be so.

“Pride and Prejudice” was a treat because I love Kiera Knightley, despite her lifestyle issues off screen.  I was not familiar with the storyline and while I did not find Mr. Darcy likeable, or attractive for that matter, the subplots made it worthwhile and all I can say is props to Jane Austen.  It’s understandable why she is seen as bold for her time.

It was a great Friday night, even though my quads are still paying for it.  My roommate is insisting we start making this class a regular thing.

While it might be nice to come home without being sore for the next two days, I am already in a committed relationship with jogging at a snail’s pace.  I don’t want to make my running habit jealous.



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