Going digital to expand readership

Going digital to expand readership

This year we had to reduce the size of our paper – you may have noticed when you picked up our first issue.

You also may have noticed that we are living in a digital era. A lot of newspapers resort to increasing online activity and decreasing print activity.

It’s not necessarily because people have stopped reading news articles or caring about the content a newspaper has to offer. It’s simply because of the access online articles have.

If someone wanted to read an article from The New York Times, they no longer have to subscribe to the print version, wait for it to be delivered and then read it. They can just subscribe to the online version instead.

The world is literally at our fingertips. If you wanted to read a news article from Italy, all you have to do is Google a keyword that might be in the article and wait for your results to pop-up.

The readership is increased for the newspaper, the story gets across to more people and it is environmentally friendly.

For a small newspaper like ours, it is essential to have a strong online presence. Some of our articles get more views than the number of papers printed for that issue.

A story can be shared through social media expanding our audience to more than just the Gannon community.

Going digital also allows us to cover more stories and get them to our audiences a lot faster. We don’t have to wait for the next week’s issue to have a story out. It can all happen in the same day as the event or issue.

The Gannon Knight is no longer seen as a weekly paper – we are in the big leagues now.