Selfie stick isn’t really all it’s cut out to be


By now, most people have formed an opinion on selfie sticks and just like most other things the opinions range from showing total support, to being totally against them.

I have found them to be silly because people are really becoming so lazy that they won’t ask a stranger to take a picture for them; I really enjoy the pictures where the selfie stick is clearly visible. Is that something people are doing on purpose?

I also love the people who use #selfiestick in the caption of the photos and how proud they are that they used this ridiculous piece of technology.

I have recently acquired a selfie stick and after being near tears from embarrassment for now being “that girl who has a selfie stick,” I decided to test it out.

I had never actually seen a selfie stick in use before this so it took me a minute to realize that there were two pieces.

I looked at the handle and thought to myself “how is this supposed to hold my phone,” then I discovered the second piece in the box.

After finally figuring out how to use this extremely advanced piece of technology, I had to take my first picture with the handle fully extended – which is way longer than I expected.

I had spent a couple of hours using both cameras on my phone, taking pictures of myself and my roommates and pretty much everything else in my apartment. I had way too much fun doing this.

After that first day with the selfie stick I haven’t touched it. For me, it immediately lost its fun-factor and aside from that it is also very impractical.

If I want to use my selfie stick I would have to either carry it in hand or bring a bag large enough to carry it. Then I would have to take the time to set it up and take a slightly blurry picture because it is difficult to keep your arm stable while trying to pose for a picture.

In all of that time, I could have just enjoyed the moment, but instead my attention would be pulled away from life and I could miss something really incredible.

This would all happen so that I could get a picture with all of my friends in front of a piece of scenery – in order to prove to all of my followers on social media that I have friends – and that I went to some amazing place.

For me, the selfie stick is really something that will keep me from experiencing life, rather than just living it.



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