Editor reflects on #BigLiesYouTellYourself


When I decided that I was going to start working on my column I told myself that I was going to finish writing before I was allowed to do anything else. I turned on my computer and immediately did everything I could possibly do other than start writing.

I ended up on Twitter’s trending page and discovered the hashtag, “#BigLiesYouTellYourself,” started by Tommy Campbell, a Canadian actor/comedian.

With over 38,000 tweets that are easy for me to relate to it was difficult to ignore tweets like:

“It’ll be okay, that milk only expired a few days ago. #BigLiesYouTellYourself @MrTommyCampbell” @HuskerStan

“Eating Nutella straight out of the jar with your bare hands is completely acceptable #BigLiesYouTellYourself @MrTommyCampbell” @Eryn_NotErin

“I look just as good bald as I did with hair. #BigLiesYouTellYourself” @MrTommyCampbell

After laughing at myself for relating to almost every tweet and for the lie I told myself leading me to the hashtag, I realized that this hashtag is a hilarious representation of how we choose to deal with our lives.

Before this semester started I promised myself that I was going to read ahead in all of my textbooks and study extra hard for all of my classes. Here I am, almost three weeks in and I still haven’t purchased even one textbook.  So I obviously haven’t read ahead in any of my textbooks.

I even  promised myself that I was going to start working out and eating better, but again here I am buying Porky’s every other night on my GU Gold. I’ve been to the rec once and I walked around and talked to my friends and didn’t go near the machines; I really just went to make it feel like I did something.

We all have things that we lie to ourselves about like me with this column. From little things like, “just one more episode,” or “I’m going to bed early (checks time, ‘2 a.m.’)” to larger things like, “I had the best fantasy draft,” or “I don’t care that Zayn left One Direction” we have all done it.

We can either choose to accept that we are human and will probably lie to ourselves for the rest of our lives or put in the effort to make a change.

I have a lot of respect for the people who actually do put forth that effort because I know that unless it’s something really big in my life, I enjoy laughing at myself too much to make that change.


Sarah Bartkowiak

[email protected]