A bachelorette party for the ages

I came home Saturday to find our dining room table covered in folded brown paper, cardboard boxes and spools of twine.  No, no one was starting a butcher gig.  My sister was assembling her wedding invitations with the help of my cousin Hayley.

I helped her cut some of the rope she was using to tie all the pieces together before I left the house that afternoon.  My only regret is I couldn’t do more.  It’s one hassle to use the table for a project but another to clean it off before eating.

Luckily, she had all her invites put together by the time I got back.  I figured it was justified after organizing a family-run “bachelorette” party the night before.

I asked my grandpa, who’s also my boss, to hold it and we got together Friday. We had as much fun as a group of underage bridesmaids can have. Which means we ordered Pizza Hut.  My aunt made enough Chippendales jokes for Carly not to want any of the stereotypical bachelorette party activities.

It was fun enough to relax after running wedding errands all Friday afternoon.  Carly was pretty concerned about picking up her groom’s ring at the lone jewelry store in Franklin’s excuse of a mall.  I think she was relieved to have it checked off, despite the bill.

We also managed to find the summer sale at Bath and Body Works and bought out its hand soap for bridal shower door prizes. Well, not quite that much, but we put together three bags of soap and lotion that the cashiers wrapped in cellophane complete with flashy pink bows for free.

I’m sure the lady behind us with her toddler-age boy in a stroller really appreciated waiting for all that.

The shower is fast approaching and the bulk of the invited guests are family.  At least they won’t have to fight for those prizes.  I spent one of my slow days at work with my mother Googling bridal shower games and printed off a couple.

The only trouble is now I have to figure out how to get rid of the music note clip art used to craftily disguise smiling male anatomy. Grandma probably wouldn’t think it’s funny.

I suppose it’s punishment for using a game that was intended for a bachelorette party. That’s the least of my worries, however.

My always-optimistic mother is convinced the bridesmaids and her youngest sister will probably be the only people to show up.  I don’t agree with her.  Our grandma and those of Carly’s friends who aren’t going to college orientations will be there.

Early August is just a busy chunk of time.  It’s almost as bad as the middle of May – except the obligations are opposite.  Everybody’s finishing up the school year in May, but August is the groaning start of it all.

Speaking of which, the rest of my siblings are sick of the rain plaguing the Northwestern Pennsylvania region.  I think they’re practically ready to go back to school.  Or at least my parents are ready to send them.

Carly will enjoy it since she’ll take on more hours at my mother’s pharmacy and have more quiet time to tie up her wedding details.  I’m anxiously torn between seeing my friends again and having to say good-bye to my family.  But, I’ve got to finish up Carly’s bridal shower before I worry about that.


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