Knight staff looks to past, future

Last week we discussed how some things will never change, and now we start to look ahead at some things that will change.

The last issue of Volume 71 of The Gannon Knight has been published and we’re saying goodbye to Khadija, Connor, Brianna and Charles as they graduate.

Kat will spend the fall semester studying abroad and Mike will begin to prepare for when he starts student teaching.

This means that many new faces will be around the Knight office next year under the direction of new Editor-in-Chief Becky Hilker, and they will have a lot more changes to adapt to.

Four new people have joined the staff so far. If anyone is interesting in joining the editorial board, please contact Becky or Frank Garland.

Now that everyone has pretty much settled into the School of Communication and the Arts, the Knight looks forward to a more collaborative approach to the upcoming academic year by working with media outlets such as 90.5 WERG, Edge and the Advertising and Promotions Club.

As the world of the media is changing, the Knight will follow suit and look to expand its reach into cyber space with more to come on the website,, and a mobile app.

Each year the Knight takes on new challenges, this year with the change in venue, staff and software, and next year it will continue to change. We have set quite a few goals and would like to accomplish as much as we can in the coming years.

One thing that won’t change, though, is the Knight’s commitment  to bring news to the Gannon community.