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September 22, 2023
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Until the Ball Goes Flat
September 22, 2023

Editor in love with fall, not with dressing up

It’s that time of year again, Halloween. This has easily been the most bitter-sweet holiday in my book.

I like it because fall is a beautiful time of year. I love seeing all the leaves change colors and slowly fall to the ground. Walking to class through A.J.’s Way can feel majestic with the leaves falling around you and crunching under your feet.

Apple cider, pumpkin spice and other fall flavors arrive. I love my coffee and I always look forward to the flavors changing for every season. I recently fell in love with the caramel apple cider that is offered on campus at The Intermetzo Cafe. If you haven’t tried it yet, it is the best!

Another thing that I love is pulling out my jeans and hoodies. Nothing feels like fall until I am in a comfy pair of jeans and in a hoodie that is much too big for me. In a few weeks it will be time to pull out the cute hats and scarves again, too.

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Every year my family has a Halloween party. Family comes and so do my siblings, their friends and my friends. The kids always try to make a haunted house out of the basement and it has always been a blast. I even remember when I used to make them with my brother Alex and my old friend Jenna. We would spend days working on it!

For my party, my mom also makes a really good punch that has eyeballs in it. There are tons of cookies and sweets. Not to mention, we all dress up for the party.

With my favorite parts of the season being said, this isn’t my favorite holiday. Halloween has always felt like a chore to me.

When it comes time to find a costume, I have a tendency to pull something out of my closet and pick a name for it. The place I work makes it is mandatory for everyone to dress up and I always somehow end up working Halloween.

Two years ago, I pulled out a jersey and put a tiny bit of black makeup on my face and called myself a football player.

Last year, I pulled a dress out and stole my little sister’s wings and called myself a fairy.

Even as a child I did this. I remember being an ‘80s girl with my dad’s sweater, a princess (but really all I did was wear a dress), a school girl and so on. My friends have always gone all out, while I just have never had the desire to dress up as anything that isn’t already something I have in my closet.

This year I plan on being a hippie. I have a nice tie-dyed shirt and a pair of jeans that I can wear. Nothing is simpler than that and it’s just the way that I like it.


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