Dressing for warmth and style in winter

When you pack your bag for the day, you know what the essentials are – a pencil, a notebook and maybe a book or two. But there are some other things that need to go into your book bag that you might not think about.

In the next few paragraphs, we’ll talk about the seasonal fashion essentials for living in Erie. You can do little things every day to make sure you aren’t walking around with purple toes and fingers. A little part of me dies inside every time I see a girl wearing flip-flops when it’s 50 degrees outside and/or raining.

When you live in Erie you have to prepare for the weather. If you wear too many clothes, you can take them off and put them in your backpack. However, if you leave the house without a coat or the right kind of shoes in the morning, you are out of luck.

The first thing that will help is to cleanse your closet. Then you can’t fool yourself into believing that you’ll be fine if you wear just that dress. You won’t be fine at all – you’ll be freezing.

This weekend I took the time to pack up all of my shorts, summer dresses and sheer tops that aren’t going to provide me any warmth during the winter months. I rearranged so that now when I open my closet – it’s sweaters galore. I have drawers filled with fun cable-knit tights and all kinds of warm winter socks. Cardigans are at the ready for those warmer days, and scarves, gloves and hats are now more easily accessible.

Last week, we talked about how to find good boots, so pack up your sandals and tuck your Toms away until spring.

You’re going to need the kind of shoe that can trek through great lakes of puddles and avalanches of snow on a moment’s notice.

On any given day, your backpack should be stocked with some specific things. A hat is essential.

Your head is supposed to be where your body lets out most of its heat.

I’ve also heard that your butt might let out the most heat, but hopefully that will already be covered when you leave for class in the morning.

Scarves do wonders. They are really magical things.

Not only are there a million types of different scarves –  wool, knit, and pashmina just to name a few –  but there are also infinitive ways to wear them – i.e. The infinity scarf. Need I say more?

Finally we come to the topic of gloves. It’s a touchy subject. No one wants to wear them because “when you wear them, you can’t text,” “they don’t look cool” and “you always lose one.”

That is all wrong.

Gloves are important, too! When you don’t wear gloves, your hands become dry from the cold winter air.

You wind up shoving them into a pocket, which makes you hunch over and gives you terrible posture.

And most importantly, when you don’t wear gloves –  you’ll have cold hands.

I love the Smart Touch gloves I have. I got them from Kohl’s for less than $20 two years ago – and here comes the kicker, I still haven’t lost one yet.

Keep these seasonal essentials in your backpack and be more prepared for the day. They take up very little space and can keep you from getting a cold.

And seriously, stop wearing flip-flops outside. It’s November.




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