Lent brings new campus attitudes

Today, a time of year all Catholics simultaneously anticipate and dread begins.

Lent approaches with anticipation around Gannon University every year, both because we love celebrating Mardi Gras and because Ash Wednesday is one of American Catholics’ favorite days.

(As a side note, Ash Wednesday is not a holy day of obligation; we just tend to treat it that way.)

On one hand, Mardi Gras always proves a joyous occasion, full of bright colors and lots of food – not to mention drinks – the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.

On the other, we take it with a grain of salt, knowing that what many people label as the “season of depression” is upon us.

Even though it’s easy to do, with Good Friday right around the corner, we at The Knight are urging the Gannon community to think of Lent a little differently this year.

Yes, this is when we remember that Jesus, our icon, died on the cross for us. A lot of Catholics tend to dwell on the subdued nature that a person could even be capable of doing such a thing.

Instead of thinking about that this Lent, let’s get past the hard part and think about how nice this man must have been.

It sounds cheesy when it’s said that way, but think about it. Do you know anyone who would do that? For people he or she doesn’t even know?

Of course it’s much more complicated than that, in the theological sense, but it’s not our job to think about it that way (unless we really want to).

The days of giving up chocolate and soft drinks are behind us.

This Lent, let’s focus on how we can make other people’s lives better, like was done for us on the cross.