Knight Vision

We’ve written one story about Jason Wahl and it’s one that we wish we never had to write.

However, duty calls and our news editor, Tessy Pawlowski did a great job of consolidating the information she learned from a number of sources into the story you read on the front page.

Unfortunately, we, at The Knight, aren’t just allowed to stop there.

One of a journalist’s most important jobs is to provide context. Yes, the who, what, when, where and whys need to be answered but so do issues regarding significance and background.

In the Knights’ attempt to fulfill the second part of its two-fold job, we set out to tell the story of Jason’s life.

We don’t want you to remember him as someone who tragically died at an age much too young. We want you to instead remember him as someone who lived a life with meaning, someone who had hobbies and interests, someone who loved and was loved in return.

Armed with a potential Roundtable question and space flexibility in our news section, we sought to tell that story. Unfortunately we ran into a snag – not many people wanted to talk about it.

We want to make it crystal clear that we’re not blaming anyone for that response. The tragedy is only days old and discussing Jason at this time might be the hardest thing some people may do during their four years at Gannon.

The Knight also wants to make it clear that we aren’t glossing over the incident. We want to turn Jason from a name in a headline to a student that had real aspirations, friends and dreams.

However, we can’t do it by ourselves and as next week is our last issue, now is as good as a time as any to speak up for Jason.

Don’t do it for our sake and don’t do it for yourselves. Do it for the people that never had the chance to meet him.